Neuralium was founded in 2018 in order to create an entirely new type of crypto token. For one, we wanted to STOP destroying the Earth! Seriously, we should not mortgage the future of humanity for mining decimals of a token, we are better than that. And thus, Neuralium was designed explicitly with true green mining in mind. We also really wanted to make it easy to use.

The Neuralium is designed to be universal and used by everyone and anyone, without requiring special expert knowledge in computers and crypto tokens. Lastly, we want to be the safest and most renowned crypto token out there. We will ensure that the ecosystem is safe for everyone and that the Neuralium becomes the reference in honesty and quality.

At Neuralium, we are seriously committed to these goals, and we work diligently everyday to ensure that Neuralium lives up to these goals and expectations and becomes the best and most trusted crypto token out there for everyone.